Welcome to Shadows of Fortune!

The backdrop of this campaign is in the World of Greyhawk, prior to the Greyhawk Wars in the year CY 576. The games system being used is D&D 4E so alot of tweaks are made along the way to update NPC’s and monsters from AD&D 1st Edition.

Shadows of Fortune is an ongoing campaign that has been running for several years. It is interwoven with the Greyhawk Destinies campaign. The creation of the Greyhawk Destinies campaign is the realization of an idea that has been brewing for almost two decades. Characters from both campaigns will sometimes interact with each other and occassionally the actions of one party will have ramifications for the other party.

We currently have the same players in both campaigns; however, they run a different character in each. This provides the players with some unique challenges as one party doesn’t always have the same information about NPC’s and organizations that the other does. And the campaigns don’t always fall into the exact same timeline so they may get a glimpse of what’s to happen in one session and be powerless to change the outcome in the next because the history has already been written in the other.

We have a pretty light-hearted group and strive to keep things fun and entertaining. There’s a mixture of roleplaying, dungeon-crawl, puzzle-solving, and even a little world saving to keep things interesting.

Our players range in experience from a few years to a couple of decades. The current group has players that have been gaming together for anywhere from a few months to over five years.

We meet in York, Nebraska and our normal sessions are Friday evenings from 6:30 – 11:00pm (or whenever the group is ready for a long rest). Shadows of Fortune and Greyhawk Destinies alternate from week to week, sometimes one campaign will be played for two or three weeks before switching back.

Shadows of Fortune

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