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Realm – Wild Coast
Size – Town (small)
Established – 515 CY
Government – Mayoral
Alignment – LG, G, and Unaligned
Population – 1,000 (walled town), 1,500+ (total including surrounding area)
Races – Humans 83%, halflings 5%, gnomes 3%, elves 2%, dwarves 3%, half-elves 3%, other 1%
Languages – Common
Resources – trade
Authority Figures – Mayor

Narwell map

The lands along the western shores of Woolly Bay have long been known as the Wild Coast, and not without good reason. Neither the Great Kingdom of Aerdy nor the Kingdom of Keoland – the Flanaess’s two greatest empires – could tame the Coast’s fractious inhabitants. Instead, they have for centuries been havens for fugitives, outlaws, and free-spirited adventurers.


Narwell is the oldest of the Wild Coast cities. It was founded as the settlement of Naer’s Well some fourty years after the Rain of Colourless Fire by Naer, a wandering priest of Phyton, the Suel god of nature and farming. Almost immediately, Naer’s Well (or Narwell as it later became known) gained notoriety as a home to vicious bandits and highwaymen. Landlocked and far from the lucrative trade routes that saw upstart cities such as Greyhawk prosper and grow, Narwell relied as much on brigandage as it did on honest trade. Like the rest of the Wild Coast, it remained a lawless backwater for centuries, ruled over by petty tyrants and robber barons whose might alone secured their rights.

Locales of Interest

There are many places of interest and opportunity for adventurers (particularly those of questionable morals) in Narwell.

The Wainyard

The Union of Merchants and Traders has built a large, walled at the old crossroads of Market Street and Baron’s Way. Housing agents for all the Greyhawk guilds, the Wainyard is the hub of the efforts to rebuild Narwell. Every few days, wagon trains roll into town bearing lumber, stone, and essential supplies for the Militia. Acting as supply depot and general store, the Wainyard is also the headquarters of the Watch, who take great care to look after the interests of their paymasters among the Greyhawk guilds.

The Sundered Spear

This tavern – one of the better ones in Narwell – stands close to the Wainyard and mainly caters to merchants, wealthy visiting guildsmen and adventurers flush with coin from their latest exploits. Named after the Shining Spears, a group of adventurers dedicated to Trithereon, and owned by Falarah (CG female half-elf fighter 2/cleric 7 [Trithereon]) that group’s only surviving member, the tavern is one of the safest places in Narwell. Shaen’s gang does not trespass here and even the Guild of Thieves accepts minimal protection money to leave the Sundered Spear well alone.

A score or so lay worshippers of The Summoner work here, worshipping at a small shrine within the tavern’s walled compound. Fellow Trithereonites receive free board and lodge at the Sundered Spear. Falarah is very active around Narwell, assisting with the defence, organising patrols and so forth. She is extremely dubious of Turrosh Mak’s recent offer of peace and very interested in any news from the south. Talk in the Sundered Spear’s common room is of Falarah’s desire to once again journey into the Pomarj to wreak her revenge on those responsible for her companions’ deaths. (The Shining Spears met their doom deep within the Pomarj last winter while searching for a particularly notorious orc chieftain). All she lacks is a resourceful and skilled band of adventurers to aid her.

Keridor’s Trading Post

Bustling and busy (but a riot of disorganisation) Keridor’s is well known among the populace as a place to buy and sell almost any portable item no questions asked. It stands on Market Street near where it meets Baron’s Way. Within the dingy two-storey building, the unscrupulous Keridor (CN male human rogue 5) presides over chaos along with his six mercenary guards who vigilantly patrol the premises. Sprawling across the entire first floor and much of the second the clutter is without rhyme or reason. Shelves, bins, and cupboards all overflow with an ever-changing array of knickknacks, bric-a-brac and oddments. Keridor is happy to trade with almost anyone and enjoys engaging in long, convoluted conversations with potential customers; knowledge is power and Keridor lusts after anything that will give him an advantage.

Keridor pays protection money to both the Guild of Thieves’ and Shaen’s gang. Additionally, both organizations use him as a fence for items too distinctive or hot to sell in Narwell. It is rumoured that such items often go south; Keridor is said to have extensive contacts in the former lands of the Wild Coast, but this remains unsubstantiated.

Searching for a desired item at Keridor’s can take hours but, occasionally, random browsing pays off.

Rumours and Whispers

Many old cellars and tunnels have been discovered beneath the ruins in the course of the reclamation effort. Some industrious folk have begun exploring these passages in the hope of discovering items of value lost in the sack. A small number of objects of considerable age and value have come to light recently. These lucky strikes have overshadowed the disappearance of several treasure hunters in the deeper tunnels. Thus, the frenzied exploration of the dank passages beneath the town goes unabated.

Org Nenshen is offering a considerable reward for the recovery of the head of his brother, Rubris. The brave captain’s head was set upon an orc standard after the fall of Narwell. However, the standard was not recovered from the orcs after their defeat and its whereabouts is currently unknown.

The legend of the Zardancar, the “First Sword”, circulates among the native Narwallers. The Zardancar is said to be an ancient warrior who warded the town in times past. He slumbers beneath the earth, waiting to wake and rise when a great peril threatens Narwell, or so the old wives would have it. Cynics scoff at the tale, saying that if ever the Zardancar had opportunity to appear it would surely have been as the orcs of the Pomarj were storming the city walls.


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